An HOA App Built with HOA Managers and Residents in Mind

HOA software solutions have long lagged behind the capabilities of today’s technology, and HOA Boards have been hesitant to leverage contemporary technology of today to benefit the community associations they manage. According to HOA Leader, “apps can help HOAs, but few are creating them”, and despite widespread smartphone adoption, paper based mailers remain a staple of HOA resident communication in light of their ineffectiveness, high cost, and administrative burden. When fluid mobile based communication is available in most aspects of daily life, in my experience the expectation that a similar kind of communication be available within the context of HOA governance has increased in recent years. As a result, some technically savvy HOA residents and Boards have turned to social media sites such as Facebook or Nextdoor to fulfill this communication void that has been ignored by most HOA management firms where traditional email, enterprise phone communication, and legacy software is still the standard. However, although these platforms can be good for finding a babysitter or the contact information to your neighbor’s lawn care provider, many legal experts have warned that these platforms are not ideal for conducting official HOA business, and that adopting these platforms can increase a HOAs liability exposure. Moderating interactions over these platforms typically goes beyond what responsibilities most HOA CC&Rs or By-Laws require of their Boards since they are not taking place within the context of an official Board meeting, and the social nature of these platforms has in many cases created a haven for the spread of misinformation or a forum for Board bashing and intimidation.

There must be an HOA centric product available that is inexpensive, easy to adopt, and leverages the widespread adoption of smartphones right?  To my surprise, other than “all-in-one” management solutions and mainstream social networks, there wasn’t much the market had to offer. None of the available options seemed to fit the needs of most HOAs, and so since the beginning, HOA Messenger’s entire mission is founded on enabling mobile based fluid communication strictly for and with the needs of HOA Residents and HOA Manager or Board responsibilities in mind without the headache of online social moderation and its potential liability. HOA Messenger solves these communication problems and can be adopted in a few minutes. It’s free to adopt on up to 5 HOAs, so sign up today!