HOA Participation Can Help You Live Longer

Everyone wants to live a healthy long life, and being actively involved with your Homeowners Association (HOA) could be better for your health than previously thought. A growing body of research from Harvard Medical School’s Study of Adult Development suggests that having strong community relationships is actually better for your physical health and is a stronger predictor of one’s life expectancy then cholesterol levels, or even abstinence from cigarettes and alcohol. A 2012 study in Nature Neuroscience also yielded similar results, and concluded that people with more social connections in their communities “live longer and show an increased resistance to a variety of somatic diseases ranging from heart disease to cancer”. On the other hand, socially disconnected individuals were found to experience poorer health, with the researchers considering loneliness a “fundamental survival threat”. HOA communication has never been easier with HOA messenger because community involvement is now accessible at the click of a button. So the next time you walk by that common area irrigation leak or that burnt out street lamp, think about how convenient active participation in your HOA has become, and how the in fulfillment of being an involved member of your community can help you lead a healthier longer life.