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HOA Messenger profile passwords must contain at least 6 characters.

How Come I Keep Getting an Error Message When Creating A Password?

As a Manager, How Do I Create a New HOA on the Mobile App?

1.    Go to “My Profile”

2.    Go to “Manage Associations”

3.    Go to “Add new association”

4.    Input HOA name and zip code

5.    Click on “Create HOA”

As a Manager, Can I Access My HOA Messenger Profile On a Desktop Computer?

Yes, manager profiles can be accessed, created, and managed through the Manager Web portal. However, Resident Profiles can only be created and managed through the HOA Messenger Mobile App.

As Manager, How do I Add a HOA’s Picture to the Resident Home Screen?

1.    Log into the Mobile App

2. Go to “My Profile”

3.    Go to “Manage Associations”

4.    Choose the Association you wish to upload a picture for

5.    Click “Edit Association Details”

6.    Touch the main picture and upload a new picture

1.    Go to “My Profile”

2.    Go to “Edit your profile”

3.    Click on your default picture and upload new picture from your mobile device

How do I Upload My Personal Profile Picture?

Select the desired document, and click the share link in the top right corner. You will then be able to email or share the document link to yourself or whomever you wish for viewing and download on your computer. 

As a Resident, How Do I Retrieve HOA Documents?

HOA profiles have to be created by a Community Manager or HOA Administrator before HOA Residents can sign up. If you’re a HOA resident and believe that HOA Messenger will benefit your community, we recommend contacting your HOA and encourage them to use the platform.

As a Resident, Why Can’t Find My HOA When I Enter My Zip Code?

No, HOA documents must be uploaded through the Manager Web Portal.

As a Manager, Can You Upload HOA Documents From the Mobile App?

1.    Go to 

2.    Click on “Web Portal”

3.    Log in to your manager web portal

4.    Click on “documents”

5.    Choose your association

6.    Click on “choose file”

7.    Choose a file from your computer

8.    Click on the upload button

As a Manager, How Do I Upload HOA Documents Using the Web Portal?

HOA Messenger files are self-hosted through the use of Google Drive. Managers must have a Google Drive/Gmail account in order to use the HOA Messenger document hosting feature. Google Drive is currently free, and if you already have a Gmail account, simply log in to finish uploading your files, which will be automatically organized in your Google Drive. If you do not have a personal Gmail account, you will need to create one in order to host documents on the app.

When Uploading a File, Why Do I Get Asked For My Google Credentials?

To create a personal Google Drive Account, click here

How Do I Create a Personal Google Drive Account?

You will not see your own name on the resident list. If you have not opted out of the resident list in the settings menu, then other residents who have signed up in your community will be able to send you direct messages.

As a Resident, How Do I Include My Name On The Resident List?

One you have created a Manager profile in the Mobile App, Select “My Profile” from the main menu, then select “Manage Associations”, then select “Join Existing HOA”. Then enter the HOA code for the HOA you would like to Join. If you do not know the code you will need to obtain it from a manager currently assigned to the specific HOA you would like to join.

How Do I Join A HOA as a Co-Manager?

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