Pay vendors quickly with an efficient paperless solution

HOA Messenger's Bill pay feature is more than just a method for paying vendors electronically, it helps HOA Administrators obtain payment authorizations from Board members remotely, eliminating the time consuming process of obtaining physical signatures and mailing paper checks. However, for those who prefer traditional methods, our software still allows you to print paper checks, offering the best of both worlds. So you can reduce your reliance on paper checks and enjoy the convenience of digital approvals while also being able to print and mail paper checks for vendors when required or desired, offering flexibility for all parties involved.
HOA Bill Pay Software

Pay Bills via ACH or with traditional paper checks

HOA Messenger's Bill Pay feature offers a blend of versatility and convenience when processing your HOA's vendor invoices. Our software offers a way to pay vendors 100% electronically via ACH, but retains the ability to print paper checks when required while at the same time allowing you to acquire Board signatures electronically for a streamlined process. This dual approach balances the reliability of classic check printing with the efficiency of digital approvals, giving your HOA a unique and flexible solution that can be tailored to your HOA's administrative needs. With HOA Messenger, you'll seamlessly harmonize tradition and progress, respecting everyone's preferences while improving operational efficiency.